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Rustam Kurbanov: “We Strive for High Achievements in Various Sports”

What are the priorities for the development of sports in the country and preparations for the Olympiad in Tokyo? Will the construction of schools for the training of personnel for sports of higher achievements continue? Rustam Kurbanov, Chairman of the State Committee for Physical Culture and Sports of the Republic of Uzbekistan, spoke about this and many other issues while considering the questions received by the Temporarily Available project.

Marat Ibatullin: Recently, the country has undergone great changes in the organization of sports. In particular, the State Committee for Physical Culture and Sports was established. In one of your speeches in the media, you noticed that the emphasis would be placed on the development of mass sports, since it needs more support from the state. But what about the high-performance sport, after all, in this direction, without attention of the state and capital investments, you will not achieve particularly high results? Explain your position as the head of the State Committee of Sports about the priorities and ways of development of various sports in the country.

Rustam Kurbanov: Indeed, over the past six months the country has experienced major changes in the organization of sports. The State Committee for Physical Culture and Sports was established in accordance with the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated February 15, 2017. The committee has tasks for the development of sport in the whole country and, at the same time, to pay great attention to the development of mass sports, the creation of conditions for the population to go in for sports: young people, the older generation, women, even those from remote settlements, so that none wishing to go in for sports did not remain without attention. On June 3, 2017, the Resolution of the Head of State ‘On measures for the further development of physical culture and mass sports in Uzbekistan’ was adopted. The program approved by this Resolution covers all branches of sport development, from the improvement of the regulatory base to the material and technical and medical support of athletes.

At the same time, we do not for a moment forget about the high-performance sport. As a result of the implementation of complex, purposeful measures to organize an effective system of training and improving the skill of athletes, the formation of a quality Olympic reserve, and the creation of favorable conditions for the conducting trainings of the country’s national teams, the athletes of Uzbekistan successfully participated in the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. Practice has shown that such organization of activities on determining the priorities and mechanisms for the development of high-performance sport is correct. From the Olympic Games in London to the Olympiad in Rio de Janeiro, the obvious progress of our results was noticeable. Stable positions are achieved on certain sports, including boxing, judo, wrestling, weightlifting, and gymnastics in the international arena. Along with this, the activity of our representatives in many international federations has been intensified, which will also contribute to improving sports results.

We will continue to adhere to such a course of development of sports, work on expanding the list of promising sports. This is a capacious and step-by-step operation of all the links in the sports industry. However, it is necessary to start from the bottom, with the development of mass and children’s sports, skillfully select talented and promising young people, conduct scientifically-based selection work.

Mavjuna Inamova: Last year, a lot was said about the beginning of a project to create regional schools of higher sports. In my opinion, the idea is very good, it will help us foster the Olympic champions, this is the very link that was absent and did not allow achieving the desired results. A change of generations in many sports has already come. This would help to put young and promising young people next to such venerable sportspeople as Svetlana Radzivil, Nadiya Dusanova, Oksana Chusovitina. Is the project ongoing?

Rustam Kurbanov: The project continues. Within the years of independence, a whole system of training has been developed in the country. This is evidenced by a continuous chain of training, starting with children’s and youth sports schools throughout the country, specialized children’s and youth sports schools in gymnastics, track and field athletics and game sports, martial arts, water sports in all regional centers, Tashkent and the Republic of Karakalpakstan. Colleges of the Olympic Reserve with experienced coaches, sports facilities and five meals a day. And finally, the republican schools of higher sports, where all the athletes of the national team with its reserved team are concentrated.
We conduct a thorough analysis of the effectiveness of schools of high sports. Based on the results of the analysis, we will make adjustments to the work of our units.

The leadership of the State Sports Committee is actively working in all regions of our republic to attract to coaching those renowned athletes who have completed their sports career. It is gratifying that our esteemed athletes are planning to open sport schools in the regions. For example, in Andijan region, the Mukhamadokdir Abdullayev and Utkurbek Haydarov Boxing School, in Bukhara - the Rishod Sobirov Judo School, in Tashkent - the Yekaterina Hilko School, and others.

During the visits to the regions, the President of Uzbekistan ordered to build in several regions of the country universal sports complexes that would meet modern international requirements. The purpose of these sports complexes in Andijan, Samarqand, Bukhara and Tashkent regions is the organization of prestigious international competitions, world and Asian championships. And training in such sports facilities of gifted young athletes together with the famous Olympic champions will give an opportunity to achieve high results, and ensure the continuity of generations of athletes.

Majid Tursunov: Although it is still much time for the next Olympiad in Tokyo, do you think that our athletes will be able to repeat or beat their success in Rio de Janeiro?

Rustam Kurbanov: The victories of our Olympians in Rio de Janeiro are the fruit of the favorable conditions created by the government for the qualitative training of athletes in Uzbekistan.

For each cycle of preparation for the Olympic Games, the Presidential Decree is adopted. The corresponding document on preparation for the 32nd Summer Olympic and 16th Paralympic Games 2020 in Tokyo, Japan, was signed on March 9 this year. The program was approved, which reflects all the tasks of state bodies and sports federations to ensure the necessary conditions, including the issues of appropriate financing.

In order to keep pace with the development of world sports, the government is implementing a great work on the reconstruction of sports facilities. All aspects of qualitative training of athletes are provided, such as conducting training camps both at home and in the best foreign sports centers, medical rehabilitation, methodological, psychological, as well as attracting experienced foreign specialists by federations in sports.

We hope that the selection of promising, gifted young athletes from all corners of our republic and their training in modern sports facilities under the guidance of experienced domestic and foreign trainers will give an opportunity to raise the country’s sporting glory to a higher level. We believe that at the Games in Tokyo our athletes will worthily represent Uzbekistan and will please sports fans with new bright victories.

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