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Chairman of the State Committee for Physical Culture and Sports Rustam Kurbanov is ready to answer your questions

Sport is one of the few topics that, to some extent, interests many of us.

Sport is not only health. Each of us has a favorite kind, each of us watches various sports competitions of the highest achievements. Many of us have questions about why the situation in the development of this or that kind of sport tends to this side, and not to the other.

Many of us are engaged in or want to play sports as amateurs, and have wishes for improving the created conditions.

Sooner or later almost all parents ask question of not raising champion, but mainly choice of sport section for the child’s healthy development.

And now you have the opportunity to bring all these issues for discussion in conversation with the Chairman of the State Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan for Physical Culture and Sports Rustam Kurbanov.

The platform for communication, as always, will be a group in Facebook "Temporarily available."

We are waiting for your questions, the answers will be published on the pages of the Uzbekistan Today after July 10, 2017.
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