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Uzbekistan will be visited by a group of Korean scientists who make up the complete maps of the Great Silk Road

The network of universities of the Silk Road, which unites 62 universities from 25 countries, organizes a scientific expedition of South Korean scientists to the countries of Central Asia.

- A trip to Central Asia is the first stage in the study of Central Asia. We have planned several such stages. There are also plans to travel to Europe, China, Mongolia, Russia, Southeast Asia and Africa. The existing maps of the Silk Road are outdated. For example, in Uzbekistan, I saw a map where the Silk Road reaches only Pyongyang, although in fact the borders reached the south of the Korean peninsula, including Seoul and Gyeongju. Therefore, we want to create a map of the Silk Road, based on historical research, identifying all the routes," says Hwang Song Don, general secretary of the Silk Road University Network.

The purpose of the trip to Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan is to study the historical monuments, customs, traditions and culture of the Central Asian countries and draw up a map of the Great Silk Road. This topic will be devoted to the international conference, which will be held on June 20 at the Kazakh National University.
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