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Scientists have discovered the supernova of the galaxy of the constellation Ursa Major

At the Maidanak Observatory of the Astronomical Institute of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic, a supernova explosion was detected at the end of May.

"What we observed on May 25 is one of the most grandiose phenomena in the universe," said Shukhrat Egamberdiev, director of the institute. - The outbreak occurred in the spiral galaxy NGC 3938 in the constellation Ursa Major.

According to modern concepts, stars, like people, are born, live and die. And all these processes are happening constantly in our days. At the final stage of their development, some of them explode. At that moment, an unbelievably large amount of incandescent matter in the depths of the star is thrown into the surrounding space. In place of a hardly visible or not visible from the Earth a star appears the brightest star. Observing such phenomena sheds light on the understanding of the fundamental questions of the universe: the evolution of stars. Depending on the mass of the residue, a neutron star or black hole forms in the place of the flare star.

The supernova star, which received the SN 2017ein number, was detected on
May 25 as part of the monitoring program for nearby galaxies, which is being conducted at the Maidanak Observatory for international cooperation with the world's leading observatories. At present, astronomers of Uzbekistan continue to conduct continuous monitoring of SN 2017ein with the aim of studying the brightness of this star in detail.
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