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Results of the III Tashkent Innovation Forum: Facts and Opinions

Recently, the reforms on research and innovation activities, which are supported by the President of Uzbekistan started to give its fruitful and positive results in Uzbekistan. High scientific researches are being carried out in the sphere of gene engineering, biotechnology, cell technology, chemistry. We have high and unique experiences in the integration of science and production. In Tashkent, annually organized Fair of Innovative Ideas, Technologies and Projects where usually demonstrated more than 500 local innovative technologies and developments.

Within the framework of X Fair of Innovative Ideas, Technologies and Projects were held III Tashkent International Innovation Forum. The main objective of the Forum was to answer the questions like how to solve and develop innovation activities in time of globalization. Within the Forum participants discussed the issues related to international cooperation on development of innovations, trends of world and national innovation systems, innovative activities , status, problems and prospects of development of the national innovation system and role of various factors in the formation of an innovative economy and to prepare staff to the innovation economy.

This year’s Forum was devoted to the prospects of Uzbek-German cooperation in the field of innovation in both countries. According to this, within the framework of Forum was held International Conference named “German-Uzbek innovation dialogue - building the future for an innovative knowledge society”.
The International Conference worked in two sessions:

First, in the session of “Perspectives of cooperation in the sphere of science and innovative activity ” discussed research and innovation, support entrepreneurship, innovative approaches to the management of enterprises, science and production, and integration issues.

Second, in the session of “Innovations are the road to the development” focused on supporting training in the field of science, have a cooperation with developed experienced countries, and Uzbek scientists’ relations with European research organizations and international cooperation in the field of personnel training issues.
And also within the framework of the Forum was held seminar on “Rules and conditions on participation in International scientific-technical developments”. developments within the framework of scientific-technical cooperation.

Forum ended with the discussion of the theme “route which leads to innovation development”.

In the Forum were participated officials and leading scientists, specialists and experts from Germany, Bulgaria, Russian Federation, Turkmenistan, Italy, China, South Korea, Kazakhstan, and British Council’s office in Tashkent.

Participants of Tashkent International Innovation Forum recognized that:
Reforms conducted in Uzbekistan in the field of Government support of scientific research and organization of innovation activities produced a tangible result. High international level studies were carried out in the field of genetic engineering, biotechnology, cellular technology, chemistry, and material sciences;
Uzbekistan annually conducts Fair of innovative ideas, technologies and projects that indicates existing major scientific and innovative potential;
Uzbekistan's experience in the transfer of domestic technologies as well as collaboration of science and industry should be carefully studied and recommendations should be made for use in other countries;
Tashkent International Innovation Forum contributes to the further development of new forms and methods of innovation processes. 

Mr. Friedjoff Maennel
Deputy Director General for International Cooperation
Federal Ministry of Education and Research

I have to notice that I have seen, during the X Fair of Innovative Ideas, Technologies and Projects, many interesting developments which are generated by the Uzbek scientists, especially by young scientists and students. Before coming, we have heard that Uzbekistan is trying to do many reforms in the sphere of innovation and new technologies. After coming to Uzbekistan, I have witnessed that most of these reforms are implemented to the practical life. And, during the III Tashkent International Innovation Forum I have listened many interesting presentations by Uzbek and German speakers and we had some interesting questions from the floor as well. In general, the Science and Technologies Agency of the Republic of Uzbekistan has organized the Forum in a high level and it was successfully done. Now, I think we need to think about the future way of collaboration with Uzbekistan.

Mr. Alexander Usoltsev
Head of Department
Russian Foundation for Fundamental Research

I was pleased to see the developments within the X Fair of Innovative Ideas, Technologies and Projects, which are generated by the local scientists. And, we have also participated in III Tashkent International Innovation Forum, where we gave information regarding the projects which will be realized jointly with Science and Technologies Agency of the Republic of Uzbekistan and Russian Foundation for Fundamental Research, which is very important for the further development of scientific traditional collaboration between the countries. Lastly, I have to mention that the Forum is very useful in terms of not only opinion and experience exchange, but also for future cooperation development between the countries.

Prof. Dr. Sebastian von Klinski
Vice-President for Research and Processes
Beuth University of Applied Sciences

I would like to express my sincere thanks for the kind invitation to the 3rd Tashkent International Innovation Forum. It was a pleasure to take part in the event and to contribute to the fruitful discussions.
At the same time I was impressed by Uzbekistans innovation potential and I want to give you my congratulations for the comprehensive progress your country achieved in the last years. In all events I deeply sensed the enthusiasm and the strong urge to leverage the innovation and intellectual potential of Uzbekistan, to start a new era of economic growth and prosperity.
It was a pleasure for me to present the approaches of the Beuth University of Applied Sciences to foster technology and knowledge transfer. Likewise, I would be happy, if we could continue our exchange of ideas and know-how by further meetings, joint projects, or other forms of cooperation. Please, feel free to contact us if you have specific ideas or initiatives where we could be of value.
I also appreciated very much Uzbek hospitality, the attractions and the impressive beauty of the country.

Mr. Klaus Manderla
Head of Division
Alexander von Humboldt Foundation

Observing and participating in X Fair of Innovative Ideas, Technologies and Projects and the events within the Fair, such as III Tashkent International Innovation Forum and especially Uzbek-German International Conference, I ascertained that they were full compliance with international standards. Taking into account that Uzbekistan is a young country, which has been developing gradually and consistently, today’s events especially Forum which were focused on several issues like innovation, Research and Development, international collaboration in the sphere of science and education, etc. are crucial for the sustainable development of the country.
I would like to thank organizers cordially for their kind hospitality. All members of our delegation enjoyed very much their stay in Tashkent. The Forum and the Innovation Fair were very interesting and through the presentations and discussions with Uzbek partners the delegation had opportunities to learn about the research and innovation landscape in Uzbekistan and to discuss cooperation possibilities.

Mukhammedovez Gurbannuyazov
Solar Energy Institute of Academy Sciences of Turkmenistan

First I would like to show my gratitude to the Science and Technologies Agency of the Republic of Uzbekistan for organizing such an event. I have to state that during III Tashkent International Innovation Forum the participants has exchanged with intensive ideas and information, all the presentation completed each other, from one side foreign participants had chance to know about Uzbekistan’s experience on science and innovation support system, from another side they have shared their own experience in the sphere. All these gave the chance to all the participants of the Forum find common language and interests.

Ms. Kirsten Kienzler
Head of Department
DLR Project Management Agency

This is not my first time in Uzbekistan, and I have to say that comparing to last years, Uzbekistan is changed significantly to the better side in terms of science and research. This time, I have been here for very short time, but my impression is great in terms of organizing X Fair of Innovative Ideas, Technologies and Projects and III Tashkent International Innovation Forum. I have to notice that the interest from the both side of academy and ordinary people to the event is very high. And, I am sure the recommendations made within the events will be very useful for the future development of Uzbekistan and we hope to have further sustainable relationship between two countries.

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