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In July, the first holders of PhD and DSc diplomas will appear in Uzbekistan

From July 1, the Higher Attestation Commission will begin to assign academic degrees according to the new rules. It should be reminded that the appropriation of academic degrees was suspended after the adoption in February this year of a decision on the introduction of a two-tiered system of training highly qualified personnel in the country.

The Cabinet of Ministers approved the State requirements for postgraduate education, the Regulation on postgraduate education, as well as state samples of PhD, DSc diplomas and associate professor, senior researcher and professor’s certificates.

The review of innovations was prepared by experts of the information-legal portal

An important innovation was the replacement of entrance examinations for doctoral candidacy with an interview. Entrance examinations are kept in the basic doctoral studies.

In addition, examinations on the newest history of Uzbekistan, a foreign language and specialties for applicants for the academic degree of doctors of sciences are canceled. Examinations for a foreign language and specialties are reserved for applicants for the Ph.D.

Along with this, the requirements for foreign publications are reduced to
1 scientific article in a foreign journal, determined by the Higher Attestation Commission under the Cabinet of Ministers (VAK).

For applicants for the Ph.D. degree, the introduction of research results into practice is replaced with "providing results for implementation in practice." Thus, the fact of implementation is mandatory for applicants for the degree of Doctor of Science.
The VAC is instructed to ensure the beginning of reception and examination of attestation cases from the 1st of July and the awarding of the academic degree of Doctor of Philosophy and Doctor of Science to applicants.
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