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Accountant’s Offices to Be Abolished in Schools and Polyclinics: Who Will Manage This Work?

The President of Uzbekistan has signed a Resolution ‘On further improvement of the mechanism for financing educational and medical institutions and the system of state financial control.’ The centralized financial and accounting services are created in the district and city departments of public education and medical associations.

The document is aimed at increasing transparency, improving the mechanism of budget financing, accounting and reporting in educational and medical institutions, as well as a fundamental revision of the role of state financial control aimed at preventing violations of budget legislation through the introduction of information technology and internationally recognized standards of financial control.

In accordance with the Resolution, since September 1, centralized financial and accounting services will be created in district (city) departments of public education and medical associations, with the abolition of accounting services of their subordinate institutions.

Internal audit and financial control services will be created in the Ministry of Public Education, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education, the Center for Secondary Specialized and Professional Education and the Extra-Budgetary Pension Fund under the Ministry of Finance.
The tasks of the centralized financial and accounting services are to ensure the provision, in a centralized manner, of the compilation and execution of estimates of expenditures, the calculation and payment of wages, the acquisition of goods, work and services, the accounting of budgetary and extra-budgetary funds of subordinate institutions, and monitoring the receipt of income from the sale of goods (work, services) by the profile of their activities.

Among the tasks of internal audit services and financial control of the republican and territorial levels is prevention and detection of cases of illegal expenditure and theft of budget funds.

The Main Control and Revision Office is transformed into the Head Department of State Financial Control of the Ministry of Finance. Its additional tasks are constant monitoring of the financial activities of budgetary organizations using specialized automated software products for managing budget funds and keeping budget records in budget organizations, as well as preventive work with budget organizations on compliance with budget legislation.

In addition, the department tasks include analysis of detected cases of embezzlement, shortage of cash and tangible assets, violations of the procedure for drawing up, approving and executing cost estimates, staff schedules and other violations of budget legislation, developing specific measures to eliminate the conditions for their commission, and improving efficiency of inspection of budgetary organizations, while reducing low-performing audits by broadly applying remote monitoring, identifying objects and targets of inspection through information technologies.

The Resolution established the Interdepartmental Council for Improvement of State Financial Control. It is entrusted with the definition of promising areas for improving the system of state financial control, which envisage the prevention of specific and systemic financial irregularities, consideration of proposals for the introduction of internationally recognized methods and instruments for organizing and conducting state financial control and internal audit, as well as ensuring interaction of state financial control authorities and internal audit.

The Head Department of Methodology for Drafting and Treasury Execution Budget, Internal Audit and Financial Control is also being created in the structure of the central office of the Ministry of Finance.

In addition, it is planned to establish departments for coordination and monitoring of the proper operation of buildings and facilities of public education and health institutions in the Ministry of Public Education and the Ministry of Health and specialized repair and maintenance services in the district (city) departments of public education and medical associations with mobile units for proper operation of buildings and structures of subordinated institutions, efficient use of water, electricity, gas and monitoring of the state of their metering devices.

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