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Small industrial zones will appear in Tashkent. // Tashkent Institute of Irrigation and Melioration has been transformed. // 34 popular computer games are not recommended for distribution on the territory of Uzbekistan. // A new "Kadimiy Bukhoro" zone will appear on the tourist map of Uzbekistan.
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On the tourist map of Uzbekistan there will be a new zone "Kadimiy Bukhoro"
On the tourist map of Uzbekistan there will be a new zone "Kadimiy Bukhoro"

In Bukhara there will be a tourist zone "Kadimiy Bukhoro" with modern low-rise hotels, cultural and recreational and shopping and entertainment centers, providing conditions for a full-time round-the-clock leisure of foreign tourists.

On the tourist map of Uzbekistan there will be a new zone "Kadimiy Bukhoro" 29-05-2017
On the tourist map of Uzbekistan there will be a new zone "Kadimiy Bukhoro" 27
Anvar Sharapov: "An unprecedented set of events is being implemented to make the tourism brand of Uzbekistan more attractive"
Anvar Sharapov: "An unprecedented set of events is being implemented to make the tourism brand of Uzbekistan more attractive"

The invitation to talk about the development of tourism within the framework of the Uzbekistan Today project "Temporarily available" has not left indifferent many users of social networks. Those who addressed the project noted a number of problems that require immediate resolution. Anvar Sharapov, the chairman of the State Committee for the Development of Tourism, has not left any appeals....

Anvar Sharapov: "An unprecedented set of events is being implemented to make the tourism brand of Uzbekistan more attractive" 29-05-2017
Anvar Sharapov: "An unprecedented set of events is being implemented to make the tourism brand of Uzbekistan more attractive" 35
In Japan the culture of Uzbekistan was introduced

Presentation of culture, art and tourism potential of Uzbekistan took place in the exhibition hall of one of the prestigious shopping centers “Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi” of the Japanese capital.

 Date Added: 25-05-2017
Number of views: 75
Uzbekistan: A place where religious tolerance prevails

Tourism lures include ancient Central Asia mosques and mausoleums, and secular nature By L. Todd Wood – 18.05.17

 Date Added: 24-05-2017
Number of views: 42
Anvar Sharapov, Chairman of the State Committee for Tourism Development, is ready to answer your questions

Experts predict that in the near future, not only more foreign tourists will come to our country - Uzbekistan, but Uzbek citizens will travel more both in the country and abroad, and the tourism itself will become more diverse, rich and interesting.

 Date Added: 24-05-2017
Number of views: 51
The buildings and structures of the historical complex "Nurillaboy" in Khiva will be reconstructed

According to the Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers on May 19, the reconstruction of the Nurillaboy complex will serve to develop the historical, architectural and tourist potential of Khiva, familiarize the public with the historical heritage and unique examples of culture and art, and preserve national culture and traditions.

 Date Added: 22-05-2017
Number of views: 60
A friendship committee is being set up. What do compatriots living in the USA think about it?

Interview with a representative of the diaspora Bakhtiyor Tuychiev

 Date Added: 22-05-2017
Number of views: 171
Rally Muynak 2017: the finish is less than 300 km

On the sixth day of the project Rally Muynak 2017 the crews reached the ruins of one of the largest fortresses of Ancient Khorezm - Ayaz-kala. Soon - the finish straight.

 Date Added: 19-05-2017
Number of views: 70
The book "365 Days of the Sun" with historical recipes of national dishes is presented

Yesterday in Tashkent, within the framework of Oil and Gas Uzbekistan (OGU-2017), the presentation of the book "365 Days of the Sun", prepared by the publishing house Dinara & Co, was held with the support of Uzbekneftegaz and ITE.

 Date Added: 18-05-2017
Number of views: 63
Chimgan in the top five mountain resorts of the CIS countries for active recreation

Analytical agency TurStat identified the top five in the ranking of popular resorts in the CIS for outdoor activities in the summer. It includes resorts - Chimgan (Uzbekistan), Chimbulak (Kazakhstan), Shahdag (Azerbaijan), Tsahkadzor (Armenia) and Karakol (Kyrgyzstan).

 Date Added: 18-05-2017
Number of views: 53
Khiva and Shakhrisabz will be the cities of regional subordination

Yesterday, the Legislative Chamber of the Oliy Majlis of Uzbekistan adopted a resolution on the inclusion of Khiva (Khorezm region) and Shahrisabz (Kashkadarya region) in the list of cities of regional subordination.

 Date Added: 17-05-2017
Number of views: 89
A list of items not requiring a certificate of export was published

The Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan has determined the list of products of folk handicrafts and decorative-applied arts created over the past 50 years, the export of which does not require a certificate.

 Date Added: 16-05-2017
Number of views: 87
Integrated approach will be selected for the development of tourism in Khiva

The program of integrated development of tourist potential of the city of Khiva and Khorezm region for 2017-2021 was approved. As a result of its implementation, it is planned to increase exports of tourism services in 2.3 times (up to $131.4 million), and the number of tourists - 2.1 times (129.7 thousand people).

 Date Added: 06-05-2017
Number of views: 192
In Uzbekistan, the protection of the interests of tourists will be strengthened

It is proposed to introduce compulsory insurance of civil liability of tour operators - business entities that form, promote and sell tourist products.

 Date Added: 05-05-2017
Number of views: 187
A diverse range of problems has been identified. The matter now is for their solution

"I can not get a loan for entrepreneurship", "There are not enough medicines in our rural medical center", "Who will be responsible for water and electricity supply disruptions?", "When will we have a children's playground?"...

 Date Added: 04-05-2017
Number of views: 207
Abdusalom Azizov: "Reliable protection of peaceful and quiet life of citizens remains unchanged for the Ministry of Internal Affairs"

“The changes taking place in the Ministry of Internal Affairs will contribute to the further reliable provision of a peaceful and quiet life for citizens,” said the Minister of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Major-General Abdusalom Azizov addressing journalists at the second session of the International Press Club.

 Date Added: 02-05-2017
Number of views: 227
Opinion poll: 65.8% of Uzbeks note that appeals to state bodies contributed to solving their problems

The Center for the Study of Public Opinion "Ijtimoiy Fikr" studied the work of government bodies and citizens' appeals in the mirror of public opinion.

 Date Added: 02-05-2017
Number of views: 203
For violation of the law, 254 people were brought to administrative responsibility

In the first quarter of 2017, the judicial authorities of Uzbekistan received more than 44 thousand appeals, which is twice as much as in the previous year. This fact was noted on April 24 at a meeting of the collegium of the Ministry of Justice.

 Date Added: 28-04-2017
Number of views: 243
The implementation of the strategy will play an important role in ensuring the country's sustainable development until 2030

Today in Tashkent at a round table discuss the importance of the Strategy of Action for the five priority development directions of the Republic of Uzbekistan in 2017-2021 in achieving the goals of sustainable development until 2030 in Uzbekistan.

 Date Added: 27-04-2017
Number of views: 431
Abdulaziz Kamilov: Key Goal Is to Ensure Security and Peaceful Life of the People

An open dialogue between the authorities and society on pressing issues of foreign policy is a rare event. Such a communication has become possible by the establishment of the International Press Club in Tashkent, which is designed for interactive coverage of events in Uzbekistan.

 Date Added: 21-04-2017
Number of views: 180

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