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Waves of Free Country

Tashkent has hosted the 10th Traditional Media Festival ‘Ozod Yurt To’lqinlari’ (Waves of Free Country). It was organized by the National Association of Electronic Mass Media in cooperation with the Uzbek Press and Information Agency, the Creative Union of Journalists and the Center for Development Strategy.

At the opening of the event it was noted that the media of our country for the years of independence have passed a long way of development. Now the country runs more than 1500 mass media. The total daily airtime of only TV channels of the National Television and Radio Company of Uzbekistan is 616 hours. It is noteworthy that almost 53% of all TV channels and 85% of radio channels of the country are nongovernmental.

A great deal of attention in the further development of the media, turning them into a real fourth power is paid in the Actions Strategy, which outlines concrete steps in this direction, in particular, in turning every mass media into a real platform for dialogue with the people, a platform for free expression of opinions.
Speakers also stressed that the attention given by President Shavkat Mirziyoyev to the development of the media inspires for new lines and heights. All this is clearly manifested in the activities of the participants of Ozod Yurt To’lqinlari Festival - nongovernmental TV and radio channels.

It should be noted that the Festival, timed to the 26th anniversary of the independence of our country, was held with the financial support of the Parliamentary Commission on Managing the Assets of the Public Fund for Support of NGOs and Other Civil Society Institutions under the Oliy Majlis. This year about 350 works were submitted for participation in this creative competition.

The creative works was evaluated by the categories: The best TV and radio project embodying the main idea ‘My love and devotion to you, native Uzbekistan!’, The TV and radio station actively covering the fulfillment of the tasks outlined in the Actions Strategy for the five priority development directions of the Republic of Uzbekistan in 2017-2021 , The best TV program dedicated to increasing the effectiveness of the state youth policy in Uzbekistan, The best television and radio product aimed at the prevention of crime among the population, especially young people, counteracting corruption, The best program aimed at increasing the effectiveness of citizens’ self-government bodies and ensuring interethnic harmony in the country.

The winners of the festival were Istiqlol TV and radio studio, Navruz radio station, Mening Yurtim TV, Muloqot TV, and Samarqand TV. They were awarded with statuettes of Ozod Yurt To’lqinlari Festival, diplomas and keepsake souvenirs.

At the suggestion of the jury members, it was decided to encourage newly established nongovernmental TV stations Milliy TV, Zo’r TV, Caravan TV and Futbol TV, which managed to find their TV viewers in a short time, to prepare media content in different directions, which positively affected the production of competitive products in the media space of our country. They received incentive awards ‘Discovery of the Year.’

“We are all very happy that we were able to win this prestigious competition, it gives us new strength and energy,” the general director of Navruz radio, Mirafzal Mirsadykov, shared his impressions. “It is not by chance we won in the category for the coverage of the Actions Strategy. For us, this is a theme number one. And our monitoring shows that our programs in this direction attract many radio listeners. We will continue to work fruitfully, increasing the contingent of our radio listeners.”

“The triumph at Ozod Yurt To’lqinlari Festival calls us to achieve new milestones and, of course, strengthens the sense of responsibility,” Hasan Shermatov, director of Muloqot TV, said. “It could not be possible without the constant support of NAEMM, which provides us with assistance in all matters. Particularly impressive is the activity of NAEMM in training young specialists of nongovernmental TV and radio channels.”

On the eve of the 26th anniversary of Independence of Uzbekistan, our people live with a high spirit striving to meet the holiday worthily. This atmosphere is a source of inspiration for creative people. The 10th Ozod Yurt To’lqinlari Festival became a true embodiment of this.

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