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‘Safe City’: Fire Detection System Gets Introduced in Tashkent

Tashkent is getting introduced a modern fire detection system. Special cameras with a long range of vision are conducting round the clock surveillance of all objects in the capital.

Now the city has only three such cameras. One is on the roof of the so-called urban fire station and the other two are on the old TV tower near Pakhtakor subway station. Since their operation, three fires have already been detected at an early stage, which is very important in this matter. And some fire sources were detected even earlier than the control room received the calls for the incident. From this point of view, the new system gives a positive result in ensuring fire safety.

Now it is planned to install three more surveillance cameras in Tashkent. It is expected that one will appear on the roof of a multi-storey residential building in the area of Chimgan store, another on the new television tower in Yunusobod and the third near the administration of Uchtepa district.

Thus, the possibilities of the new system will increase several fold.

The project is part of the ‘Safe City’ program and will be implemented step-by-step, which implies a gradual increase in the number of such cameras in the city.

If a fire is detected, several fire teams are sent to the site of the emergency, depending on the level of the threat. The entire process is 
coordinated by the Central Control Center. The fire spot is also marked on the map. This scheme allows the fire department to react quickly in case of an emergency, which increases its mobility and efficiency.
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