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Modern Parks Are the Decoration of the Country

Since the first days of independence Uzbekistan pays special attention to creating conditions for cultural rest and beneficial activities of the population. Important work in this direction is the creation and decoration of new parks meeting modern requirements through attracting entrepreneurs and sponsors.

The well-organized parks not only adorn our cities and districts, but also strengthen health, promote a good rest, heighten the mood, while the cultural and enlightening activities conducted here expand the horizon, serve to educate the younger generation in the spirit of love for the Motherland and respect for national values. It is also important that they ensure the cleanliness of the environment.

Considering the importance of this issue, President Shavkat Mirziyoyev in his pre-election speeches in various regions of the republic in November and December last year spoke about the forthcoming mass construction of culture and recreation parks. A little time passed and they began to appear in different regions of our country. So, on the eve of Independence Day, new parks have been opened in many regions of the republic. It is especially gratifying that these innovations are happily accepted not only by grownups, but also by the youngest citizens of Uzbekistan.
For example, in the middle of August, the opening of Oltin Soy Park in Oltinko’l district of Andijon region was held. It certainly can be called the largest in the district, not inferior in scale and scope of the Andijon Park. The huge territory of 5, 5 hectares is a true heaven for those who like active entertainment, cultural rest and sports leisure.

Among the amusement rides in the park there are those having no analogues in the region. They enthrall both children and grownups. Those include the observation wheel, colorful rides for the youngest, dynamic starships and intricate labyrinths. In short, everyone will find entertainment to their liking.

The park infrastructure also includes several cafes with a range of delicious sweets: ice cream, cakes, juices, drinks. The musical fountains are pleasing the people’s eye and ear. The authors of the project provided a luxurious amphitheater for the organization of concerts, festive and entertainment events. The park also has a car parking.

The green and shaded park has the areas for leisurely evening strolls and places for recreation. The elderly visitors especially liked the places for recreation in the national style - traditional trestle beds, combined with pavilions for protection from the sun. The place has a lot of symbolic installations, landscape compositions and a flowering garden, which attract all people regardless of age. The park is surrounded by a lake, which not only gives coolness on hot days, but also creates a wonderful landscape.

The large-scale project was completed in a short time - five months. The President of the country instructed the National Bank of Uzbekistan to implement the idea. The supplier of equipment for the project was the Chinese industrial company, which delivered 22 modern amusement rides. At the second stage of this important idea, the arrival of ten more new amusement rides from abroad is expected. And very soon the park in Oltinko’l district is going to open the water entertainment section - a covered water park, designed for 500 people, with rides for children and grownups.

Namangan residents also received the same gift for the holiday - the Matkarim Aziz Central Eco Park. On the territory of 2.5 hectares, near the artificial lake, a large recreation area has been built, in which everything that is necessary for active and comfortable leisure is concentrated: a park of modern attractions for grownups and children, cafes, sports grounds, water entertainments, distinctive landscape compositions.

The original design of the space in the new park pleases the eye: instead of the old fountain, an installation in the form of a metal ribbon is now created, on which it is possible to see oriental patterns. Another picturesque area is a lake with a pier adjacent to it. Catamarans will soon be at the disposal of visitors preferring water walks. The pier also has a summer cafe.
A small islet i the center is surrounded by trees. According to the idea of the authors of the project, it is perfect place for festive events. The place also has a scene where Uzbek pop stars will perform on holidays.

And in mid-June, on the initiative of the head of our state a new park was opened in Mirzo Ulughbek district of Tashkent, which got the name of our great ancestor Zahiriddin Muhammad Bobur.

This ecological park of 12 hectares has a special landscape design, its reservoirs, sports grounds are created on the basis of special ecological architectural and construction requirements. The devices and structures available here serve to promote the idea of a healthy lifestyle. An open training ground, badminton, volleyball, tennis and football grounds, bicycle paths, as well as children’s playgrounds have already turned into favorite places of children, boys and girls who love sports, and inmates of Mehribonlik mercy houses. A terrace for yoga, playgrounds and front gardens make the park inimitable.

A unique fountain located at one of the gates of the park is not found anywhere else in the capital as it has a unique design in the form of a silver circle. It is like an analog of our sunny, fertile land. It seems as if crystal rain is dripping from the top of this fountain, which is mirroring the surrounding space. Climbing the observation deck, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery. A small islet in the center of the park is designed for various cultural and enlightening events, as well as creative meetings.

On the eve of Independence Day, Amir Temur Recreation Park was put into operation in Nukus after reconstruction. New parks appeared in Shumanay and Karauzyak districts of Karakalpakstan.

Many new parks will be opened in various regions of the republic in early September - during the days of celebrating the state independence of the country. For example, a park bearing the name of Alisher Navoi in Karshi will become an interesting sight of Kashkadarya region. Here visitors can make an exciting round-the-world trip in miniature: many models of famous sights from all over the world and unique national sights are collected within its territory: the Eiffel Tower, the Colosseum, the Chichen Itza Pyramid, the Kremlin, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, Big Ben, the Great Wall of China, the Taj Mahal Mausoleum, the famous minarets of Kalta Minor and Chor Minor, the Oqsaroy Palace and the Registon Complex.

Other unique features of the park include 30 illuminating benches, a variety of colors of which do not repeat. In addition, the park has extreme rides for breathtaking experience. For example, the most extreme of them is the Free Fall Tower with a height of 46.8 meters and high-speed rollercoaster with a length of 330 meters with dizzying turns. A game labyrinth awaits the youngest guests - a safe and fascinating entertainment. The park also has a swimming lake for summer period, as well as beautiful flower garden and fountain.

Today the country has 225 culture and recreation parks. In the near future (taking into account the opening of new ones on the days of the holiday), this figure will increase by at least 25. These figures indicate a huge work in this direction implemented in very short time. After all, many new parks appeared on the abandoned territories. In addition, they are fitted up with modern park equipment and they have unique amusement rides, and all this required considerable financial costs.

But thanks to the responsible and efficient work of the regional and city administrations, banking structures, as well as entrepreneurs who showed interest in this business, the idea of the head of state is successfully implemented.

The significant contribution of the National Bank of Uzbekistan to this initiative is of particular note. Employees of this financial institution, without exaggeration, have become real experts in the field of construction and organization of parks. They carefully studied foreign experience in this area, went on business trips to major cities and regional centers of the republic, on the instructions of the head of state prepared specific proposals and developed the target program for commissioning new culture and recreation parks in our country. This program consists of 46 items, most of which have already been implemented, and the remaining will be implemented before the end of this year and in the first half of 2018.

46 items of the document are 46 new parks! This is 46 leisure centers! These are the territories of the happiness of children and grownups, which will have a lot of greenery, children’s and sports grounds, super modern amusement rides. And behind all this stands the painstaking and everyday work of bank employees who identified the initiators of the project, rendered financial assistance in the form of preferential loans, sought for foreign partners, and monitored the construction and greening works and much more.

The construction of new parks and major reconstruction of the existing ones, equipping them with modern amusement rides will continue at the same rapid pace. The government of the republic has set the task that every even small town and district of the country should have at least one modern culture and recreation park having all the necessary conditions for leisure of the population.

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