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Irregular Working Day and Rotation to Be Legalized for Public Officers

The draft law ‘On the Civil Service’, developed by the Ministry of Employment and Labor Relations, has been published on the legal portal of Uzbekistan.

Rotation will be implemented with the aim to increase the effectiveness of civil service and fight against corruption. It consists in appointing public officers to other positions in the same or another state agency. If rotation is related to moving to another locality, the employee will be reimbursed for the costs of moving him and his family members, transporting property and device in a new location. Also those officers will be provided with official housing.

It is worth noting other features of the work of public officers. For example, the bill provides for the establishment of a non-standardized working day. This is a special mode of work, in accordance with which certain categories of public officers can, on the order of the head, if necessary, occasionally be involved in the performance of their duties outside the normal working hours.
Other details about the bill read on the information portal  
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