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For 9 months of 2017, 24 people are wanted due to non-payment of alimony

Based on the legislation on recovery of alimony, the Tashkent city administration of the Bureau of Forced Execution under the General Prosecutor's Office of Uzbekistan, during the 9 months of 2017 more than 24 thousand executive cases were taken into production. Of these, about 260 cases have been completed and
1 thousand 578 cases have been returned. At the place of work of the debtors, executive lists for 6,718 cases were sent. In addition, during the reporting period, 24 debtors were put on the wanted list.

These data were announced at the event, organized by the Courts of Criminal and Civil Affairs of the city of Tashkent, the General Directorate of Internal Affairs of the capital together with the Tashkent city administration of the Bureau of Forced Execution at the General Prosecutor's Office of Uzbekistan.

As it was noted that to collect the alimony, registration in the registry office is not obligatory, for collecting the alimony there is enough the certificate on a birth of the child where parents are specified.

The obligation of parents to support and educate children before their majority is enshrined in Article 64 of the Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan, as well as in Article 96 of the Family Code of the country.

With the parents who do not fulfill the obligation to keep the minor children voluntarily, the recovery of alimony by a court decision or a court order is made.
The guardianship and trusteeship bodies have the right to bring an action for recovery from the father or mother of maintenance for the maintenance of minor children in the amount established by law in cases where there is no agreement between the parents on the payment of maintenance or their payment is not made voluntarily.

On the basis of Article 122 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Uzbekistan, evasion of maintenance, that is, failure to pay for more than three months in the total amount of the funds to be recovered by a court decision for the maintenance of a minor or an incapacitated person in need of material assistance, is punishable by a fine of up to fifty times the minimum wage or correctional labor up to two years, or arrest up to six months.

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