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Which IT services will soon become popular across the country?

Introduction of cellular communication standard 5G, high-speed broadband services, transport network data transmission 2020, IPTV, Internet of things, M2M, billing systems, technologies "Bigvideo". All this became a topics for technical seminars taking place in the capital, dedicated to the introduction of innovative solutions and know-how in the field of information and communication technologies.

They are staffed by the Ministry of Information Technologies and Communications of the country, “Uzbektelecom” JSC, Uzinfocom Center for Development and Implementation of Computer and Information Technologies, Information Security Center, manufacturers of base stations, server equipment and mobile phones, mobile operators, scientists and experts in the field of IT.

In Uzbekistan, five mobile operators are registered, which contributes to the growth of free competition and a decrease in the cost of their services. Their clients are more than 21 million people, most of whom are active Internet users. Only this year domestic mobile operators are planning to establish in more regions of Uzbekistan more than 450 mobile base stations operating under the LTE standard. Large-scale measures are being taken to expand the coverage of the country's population with high-speed Internet access, new fiber-optic lines are being laid.
The seminars discuss prospects for the integration of new data transmission devices, base stations and devices working according to the standard.
It is expected that the seminars will catalyze the introduction of innovative solutions in the field of network, IP and mobile technologies in the economy of Uzbekistan, the foundation for the creation of new high-tech industries.
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