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For the first time in the virtual reception room of the Chairman of the State Committee for Land Resources and Geodesy, video messages of citizens will be possible

Do you have unsolved problems, statements, complaints or suggestions? Send them to the Chairman of the Goskomzemgeodezkadastr in the format of a video message!

On the official website of the State Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan on Land Resources, Geodesy, Cartography and State Cadastre (Goskomzemgeodezkadastr) Virtual Reception of the Chairman is launched. There are several ways to submit an appeal. You can:
- address in writing, through the virtual reception of the Chairman (
- send message to the operators of the call center, at 1097 phone number
- shoot a video message,
- write on the official page in the social network Facebook or
- talk personally with the chairman through videoconferencing in real time.

Thanks to this variety of ways to contact the Chairman, it became easy and simple. These measures reflect the policy of transparency and openness of the Committee and are symbolic in the Year of Dialogue with the People and of Human Interests.

Reception of complaints and questions of citizens through the Virtual reception ( takes place in the 24/7 mode (day and night). In the same mode, the helpline works, you just call 1097.

The developed platform is an "intelligent system": upon receipt of an appeal, the system itself "sorts" it and automatically transfers it to the department responsible for the question raised, as well as to the superior manager. Thus, the appeal is not removed from the control of the management until the applicant is satisfied with the quality of the response and the result of the work of the responsible employees.

It should be noted that this is the first multi-channel Virtual Reception with the ability to broadcast in real time. So, every Saturday from 10:00 to 12:00 the citizens will be given the opportunity to personally communicate with the Chairman of the State Committee for Land Management, Abdushukur Hamidovich Abdullayev, through a specially organized teleconference.

The teleconference will be held throughout the country, and the results of communication of citizens with the Chairman will be displayed to the general public in social networks and on the official pages of the Committee. Now Virtual reception works in a test mode.

The first video reception of citizens by the Chairman will also take place in the test mode on July 1, 2017. In the regions of the republic, video communication of citizens with the Chairman of the Committee will be carried out through the State land management and real estate cadastre of the Republic of Karakalpakstan, oblasts and Tashkent city alternately in alphabetical order. In each department, specialists are ready to advise all those who apply and provide the maximum assistance in the prompt resolution of the issues raised.

The press service of the Goskomzemgeodezkadastr will be grateful for any feedback on the quality of services and the work of official communication channels, and also apologizes in advance for possible technical problems during the test period.
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