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The Battle of Minds: the Resource Center of ZiyoNET Network Introduced a New Game
The Battle of Minds: the Resource Center of ZiyoNET Network Introduced a New Game

The resource center of ZiyoNET network has presented a new game intended for intellectuals. It is called ‘Bilimlar Bellashuvi’ (The Battle of Minds).

The Battle of Minds: the Resource Center of ZiyoNET Network Introduced a New Game 18-08-2017
The Battle of Minds: the Resource Center of ZiyoNET Network Introduced a New Game
Expansion of Telecommunication Equipment Market in Uzbekistan
Expansion of Telecommunication Equipment Market in Uzbekistan

The qualified support for the supply of network equipment is required for to launch efficient and profitable web projects and to organize the work of major companies with a network structure. IT infrastructure of Uzbekistan is actively developing and this will be facilitated by another modern, actively developing company with solid practical experience - LIDER TEAM.

Expansion of Telecommunication Equipment Market in Uzbekistan 18-08-2017
Expansion of Telecommunication Equipment Market in Uzbekistan 44
Sherzod Shermatov: “In the Near Future We Start Introducing Effective Foreign Experience”

This is the second part of the publication of the Temporarily Available Project with the participation of the acting Minister of Information Technologies and Communications. Answering questions from readers, Sherzod Shermatov dwelled upon the benefits for IT companies and the fight against various black schemes, about the future of UMS and Uzmobile, the problems of generating national content on t...

 Date Added: 08-08-2017
Number of views: 81
Sherzod Shermatov: “Time Comes to Implement a Project Called ‘The Uzbek Dream’ Just Like the American Dream”

Judging by the questions received by the Temporarily Available Project addressed to the Minister of Information Technologies and Communications Sherzod Shermatov, this time the most active was the young people, who are not indifferent to the state of affairs in this promising area. We decided to start publishing answers and comments from the address of Ravshan Makhsudov, who, taking advantage of the...

 Date Added: 04-08-2017
Number of views: 154
Arrested property to be sold at online auctions

Seized property will be realized via single electronic trading platform “E-Ijro Auksion” in Uzbekistan from 1 September 2017.

 Date Added: 29-07-2017
Number of views: 218
Sherzod Shermatov Ready for Dialog with Uzbekistan Today Readers

Last years are characterized by intensive introduction of information and communication technologies in all spheres of life.

 Date Added: 06-07-2017
Number of views: 308
Rovshan Makhsudov: "You should not give up! The country simply needs a laboratory for the study and development of algorithms and high technologies"

Today, when the country creates an innovation center to support the development and implementation of information technologies Mirzo Ulugbek Innovation Center and intends to invest in the development of this high-tech industry it is very important to listen to the opinion of experts who call the problem moments that are a deterrent to the development of the country in this direction. In this regar...

 Date Added: 05-07-2017
Number of views: 319
"Uzbektelecom" and Internet providers intend to improve the quality of the Internet

In the joint-stock company "Uzbektelecom" a number of meetings with Internet providers of Uzbekistan was held, at which issues of closer cooperation and development of mutually beneficial cooperation have been discussed.

 Date Added: 05-07-2017
Number of views: 250
Courts will begin meetings in videoconferencing mode

The courts were given the right to hold court hearings in the mode of videoconferencing using telecommunication technologies established in the economic courts of Karakalpakstan, regions and city of Tashkent.

 Date Added: 04-07-2017
Number of views: 304
International payment cards in the territory of Uzbekistan will be used more actively

The Unified National Processing Center together with the international payment system MasterCard and the National Bank for Foreign Economic Activity of Uzbekistan launched a project on acquiring (accepting) international MasterCard payment cards.

 Date Added: 04-07-2017
Number of views: 261
The founder of the Belarusian high-tech park Valery Tsepkalo told about his experience in Tashkent

The Ministry of Information Technologies and Communications held a meeting with the founder of the Belarusian Park of High Technologies Valery Tsepkalo.

 Date Added: 03-07-2017
Number of views: 214
Tashkent IT specialists were acquainted to some presentations of the World Mobile Congress in advance

On the eve of the opening of the World Mobile Congress in Shanghai, ZTE Corporation is holding a series of seminars in Tashkent on innovative solutions and technologies for the telecommunications and information industry.

 Date Added: 30-06-2017
Number of views: 264
Which IT services will soon become popular across the country?

Introduction of cellular communication standard 5G, high-speed broadband services, transport network data transmission 2020, IPTV, Internet of things, M2M, billing systems, technologies "Bigvideo". All this became a topics for technical seminars taking place in the capital, dedicated to the introduction of innovative solutions and know-how in the field of information and communication technologies....

 Date Added: 29-06-2017
Number of views: 264
The process of creating an electronic logistics system is launched

In Uzbekistan, a new project is launched to create an electronic logistics system that ensures the delivery of exchange commodities to customers by combining the applications of cargo owners and cargo carriers in the information system of the exchange.

 Date Added: 29-06-2017
Number of views: 272
Uzbekistan is preparing to introduce industrial Internet

The Ministry of Foreign Trade held talks with the delegation of the Chinese Aerospace Scientific and Industrial Corporation (“CASIC”). Among other topics, issues of introduction of industrial Internet in Uzbekistan were also discussed.

 Date Added: 29-06-2017
Number of views: 280
For the first time in the virtual reception room of the Chairman of the State Committee for Land Resources and Geodesy, video messages of citizens will be possible

Do you have unsolved problems, statements, complaints or suggestions? Send them to the Chairman of the Goskomzemgeodezkadastr in the format of a video message!

 Date Added: 28-06-2017
Number of views: 277
Entrepreneurs will be easier to share their ideas with government officials

On July 1, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Uzbekistan and the Ministry for the Development of Information Technologies and Communications will launch a special service to receive, process, review appeals and discuss proposals of business entities that will work on the principle of "direct and feedback".

 Date Added: 22-06-2017
Number of views: 285
The structure responsible for creating an automated metering system for electricity and gas was created

In the structure of the Bureau of Compulsory Execution under the General Prosecutor's Office of the Republic of Uzbekistan, a Center for the Implementation of Information and Communication Technologies is being established with departments in the regions.

 Date Added: 21-06-2017
Number of views: 310
Uzbekistan entered the hundred countries with the most advanced systems for ensuring cybersecurity

The International Telecommunication Union has published the regular results of the annual rating of cybersecurity. Uzbekistan scored 0.277 points and shared the 93rd place along with Jordan.

 Date Added: 19-06-2017
Number of views: 293
Internet will be filled with national content

Uzbekistan has developed a comprehensive plan of measures to stimulate the creation and development of national content on the Internet for 2017-2019.

 Date Added: 15-06-2017
Number of views: 304

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