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The ambulance service will no longer perform the functions of a polyclinic on wheels

Providing family clinics with “Damas” machines for servicing calls at home and prolonging the working day of the clinic until 20.00 will facilitate the work of ambulance service.

- As a result of large-scale measures implemented on the way to the development of the sphere, highly skilled inpatient care is provided to more than 600 thousand patients per year and more than 1 million patients - outpatient care. Annually an ambulance serves more than 7 million calls. Recently, we purchased about
200 ambulances, which are delivered to the regions with the greatest need. Until the end of the year, we plan to purchase 1,200 emergency medical vehicles, said the director of the Republican Scientific Center for Emergency Medical Care A.Hudoyorov. - At the same time, the provision of outreach teams with medicines has improved significantly lately. In accordance with the order of the Minister of Health, 41 special medical products should be kept in each special ambulance team, 36 items in the industry-wide brigade.

At the same time, in recent times, especially in Tashkent, there have become more frequent cases when the townspeople began to prefer to go to the clinic to call an ambulance. Such often unjustified visits to the site led to a high workload of the ambulance service, and often a deterioration in the quality of servicing of those calls in those cases where the ambulance crew's departure was really necessary.

Director of the Republican Scientific Center for Emergency Medical Care A.Hudoyorov expressed the hope that the development of the center's cooperation with polyclinics and the provision of ambulance polyclinics will facilitate the fulfillment by each service of its tasks and, as a result, will ensure the improvement of the quality of medical services for the population.
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