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The State Testing Center Sumps up the Results of the Entrance Tests for Colleges and Lyceums

The results of tests for students enrolling in academic lyceums and professional colleges are available at the State Testing Center website. To do this, it is sufficient to enter a number of parameters in a special form.

While 352 thousand graduates of the 9th grade of general education schools out of 466 thousand people decided to continue their education in the 10-11th grades, that is, more than half of the places in colleges and lyceums got free automatically, some colleges and academic lyceums conducted tests, which can be considered a recognition of their high level of activity.

For example, among colleges that conducted entrance tests was the Tashkent Railway College.

“We chose the Tashkent Railway College, because it is rightfully considered one of the best secondary special educational institutions of the country,” says Hilola Rakhimova, mother of the applicant. “The college has a very good material and technical base, qualified teachers, and most importantly it is a very promising industry in terms of further employment.”

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