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Deans and deputy deans are forbidden to enter couple of lessons without special need

The Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education intends to combat attempts to control the education process in higher education institutions by persons who are not directly involved in this process.

"Previously, even the minister did not have the right to enter the classroom and distract from the couple of lessons, but now the classes are interrupted by frequent checks," cites the statement of First Deputy Minister of Higher and Secondary Special Education Dilmurod Nabiev at a press club meeting on innovations in youth policy.

“According to the state standard, couples should go 80 minutes. It is believed that in this case the student gets enough knowledge. In practice, classes are interrupted due to the fact that the dean or his deputies come in, and various checks also interfere. They check the attendance, the journal, the text of the lectures of the teachers. 15-20 minutes of the student's lost time no one will return”, the representative of the leadership of the Ministry of Higher Education stressed.
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