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The Arts Museum Presents: Life and Creativity of the Legendary Artist Alexander Volkov

The exhibition ‘Life and Creativity of Alexander Volkov’ has been opened in the State Museum of Arts of Uzbekistan.

Alexander Volkov, creatively reworking his hobbies in various directions in the art of that time, created his own complicated artistic language, which he used to portray a beloved home land. His genre compositions presented at the exhibition are distinguished by the maximum occupancy of human figures and the depth of picturesque technique, an original color composition. In them he reflected the exoticism of local life: the originality of old cities with their narrow streets, caravans of camels, bustling bazaars, tea-houses, scenes of national dances, images of musicians and less often the work scene written under the socialist realism program.

Scenes of collective farm labor take the likeness of epic frescoes. The exhibition presents several such works, including ‘Girls with Cotton’ of 1932. Alexander Volkov wrote collective-farm construction and harvesting while keeping in them the conventionality, bright color, clear rhythm and sense of the Orient as a place of a special, centuries-old way of life.
The exhibition presents several works from the 1917-1922 series: ‘Caravans’, ‘Oriental Primitives’, ‘Lamentation at the Cemetery’, ‘On Sandalwood’, ‘The Cart’, ‘Dance’, ‘Pomegranate Teahouse’ of 1924 – the height of his creative searches of that time.

Magic in color, as if burning and hot ‘Pomegranate Teahouse’ Alexander Volkov wrote in 1924, in the middle of life, when he was already a formed artist.

The exhibition presents a picturesque self-portrait of Alexander Volkov, in fact, this is his autobiography in paints.

The concentrated face of an elderly man with pouches, deep wrinkles lay on both sides of the stubbornly compressed mouth. The muscles of the sinewy neck tightened. A strong figure stepped forward in a simple working jacket. A person is shown at a time of intense creative thinking. He holds brushes in his hands. This is an artist who lives only with his art and goes to the future in an unprotected way.

The opening of the exhibition on September 7, 2017 brought together artists and journalists, and many students of universities and colleges. The organizers of the exhibition say that with his creativity and pedagogical work Alexander Volkov had a significant influence on the formation of modern national Uzbek art. Alexander Volkov died in Tashkent on December 17, 1957. In the process of modern globalization, the artist’s works occupy a special place in the education of the youth in the national patriotic spirit.

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