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Sardor Milano Leads in New Wave Contest

The performer from Uzbekistan Sardor Milano, according to the results of the second competitive day, ranks first on the New Wave International Contest for Young Performers.

The jury members estimated highly the performance of our singer and as on the first day of the contest he again scored the maximum score - 121.

The life motto of Sardor is ‘99 percent of hard work and 1 percent of talent.’ He is afraid of uncertainty, height and dentists. “But I am not afraid of trials. When I was 14, I took part in the semifinal of the New Wave 2006. Those were my very first creative steps. Then there was no Children’s New Wave. I did not pass, but I supported La Rose! I always wanted to take the New Wave stage and plunge into the heat and energy of the audience! I am happy that I have a big support group. Many of them bought up the tickets as soon as they learned the news of my participation in the contest. And, of course, family members, close friends, a vocal teacher, wonderful people who call themselves ‘Milano fans.’ The word ‘rivals’ on the New Wave is inappropriate: to my new colleagues - contestants - I wish to receive positive emotions and experience, discovering creative horizons. And at this festival of friendship between peoples and music I want to catch a state of absolute euphoria, “let myself go” and be on the stage extremely frank - both with myself and with my favorite audience!”

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