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Open Air Performance: Tashkent Welcomes Music Events of a New Format (+ video)

A series of musical performances of the Alisher Navoi State Academic Grand Theater has been held in Tashkent.

If you were in Paris, Rome, Venice, Vienna, Berlin, any large city with a rich cultural history, you probably met there spontaneous events right on the open squares, malls, in front of historical sights.

Most often these are performances, musical flash mobs, performances of street theater artists. But the most memorable are when an orchestra appears on the street.

Last Saturday, such a surprise was awaited by unsuspecting visitors to NEXT shopping and entertainment family complex.

When the evening fell on the city, and the fountain started playing with all colors, a young lady with a violin appeared on the square in front of NEXT shopping center. When started playing, she drew the attention of onlookers, but they got strained when a security member came to the young musician and asked not to disturb the public peace. And when he put the violin to his shoulder and played the great ‘O sole mio’, they were completely at a loss: what to expect next, and most importantly - what to do? It was decided to clap and shout ‘Bravo!’ especially since the musicians grew in number. They, dressed in ordinary clothes, join the play of the melody. And when the opera singers appeared, grownups and children were completely wondered and admired.

So, Next shopping center served the venue for the flash mob dedicated to the forthcoming first National Symphonic OPEN AIR in the Alisher Navoi State Academic Grand Theater.

In just a couple of minutes the square turned into a real live scene, the air was filled with a charming live sound, and the atmosphere with real genuine emotions of delight and surprise.

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