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‘Artisans of Bukhara’ to Help Promoting Bukhara Tourism Opportunities in the Tourism Market

Bukhara will host September 15-17 the Artisans of Bukhara Festival.

It is organized to promote the tourism opportunities of the city, to develop and preserve the rich cultural heritage, traditions and customs, national crafts.

The main tasks of the Festival include the development of national craft in Bukhara region, the restoration and promotion of lost crafts, the enhancement of the prestige of Uzbek artisans among foreign countries, the strengthening of mutual cooperation between them, supporting the activities of artists, art historians, folk masters and craftspeople.

People of crafts, nongovernmental and nonprofit organizations, supporting artisan activity and others will take part in the Festival.

A competition ‘Palov Sayli’ will be held within the Festival, which involves famous palov chefs of the region.

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