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What Is Advantageous about Tashkent Transformers?

Upgrade and renovation of low-voltage electric grids, as well as implementation of measures to reduce energy intensity, introduction of energy-saving technologies in the economic and social sectors, has motivated the country’s leading manufacturer of electrical equipment Toshelectroapparat FE LLC to establish the production of energy-efficient power oil-tight transformers of TMG type with a capacity ranging from 25 to 2,500 kVA.

The Chief Design Engineer for Transformers Enver Vililyaev has introduced us into details:

“Transformers of TMG type, developed and manufactured by Toshelectroapparat, have no counterparts in Central Asia in their technical parameters. They have a small-sized design and advanced characteristics, particularly reduced losses and off-load current, optimal indicators of short-circuit losses, significantly reduced acoustic (noise) characteristics (by 50%).

They are designed with the latest technical solutions that increase reliability, reduce operating costs, and are available owing to advanced technological equipment, particularly oil filling equipment by AMC company (Italy). It makes it possible to completely avoid the contact of oil with the environment, thereby excluding its hydration, oxidation and slagging. Before pouring, the oil is degassed, and is poured into the tank under a deep vacuum, ensuring removal of air particles from the insulation, thereby preventing oxidation of the oil, and providing high electrical strength of transformer insulation.

The oil-filling equipment by AMC is unique and has no counterparts in our country. Transformers by other manufacturers do not degas the oil. Degassing of transformer oil produced by our company allows avoiding its testing both during storage, commissioning and during operation. The thing is that the degassed oil does not change its properties during the whole service life of the transformer. Most importantly, the service life of the transformer increases to 30 years, it does not require any preventive maintenance, ongoing and major repairs during the entire lifetime.

Our transformer production also includes a drying chamber and a testing laboratory by AMC. In our country, such equipment is available only at Toshelectroapparat. The drying mode is carried out according to the approved technological processes.
The testing laboratory allows conducting a full-fledged acceptance testing, as recommended by GOST 11677-85 ‘Power transformers. General specifications’.

The introduction of TMG type transformers produced by Toshelectroapparat LLC has allowed reducing idling losses up to 40%, off-load current to 500%, short circuit losses to 20%, and total losses have been reduced by 25% compared to transformers of the Russian Federation and CIS countries. The reduction of transformer losses saves nine million kWh of electricity per year, and thereby, the payback period of our products ranges between one and one and a half years.

The plant is currently localizing imported components (from Turkey or the Russian Federation), including a switching device of NLTC type, plugs, float oil indicator, brass inputs LV and HV, safety valve, contact clamps. Full localization of imported components is scheduled for late 2017.

It is worth to mention that the manufacturing cost of transformers has been reduced by assembling a magnetic system with a minimum number of stages in line with European standards, application of a new scheme of regulation of the higher voltage winding, and reduced consumption of active materials (electrical steel, metal windings, transformer oil, insulating materials).

As assigned by President Shavkat Mirziyoyev, the electrical equipment supplied to customers has an optimized price due to product localization and application of innovative, constructive, technological solutions that allow reducing the product cost.

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