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The innovation-engineering center Uzliti Engineering

The innovation-engineering center Uzliti Engineering, opened in August 2017, is the leading licensed center in Uzbekistan, and combines the qualities of a modern technopolis, which builds the design philosophy into the daily mission of creating high-tech projects in the oil and gas sector.

The Center was established as part of the signing of an agreement on the establishment of a Joint Venture between UzLITINEFTEGAZ, Enter Engineering, and Hyundai Engineering, as well as in the implementation of the relevant resolution of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan. The innovation-engineering center Uzliti Engineering, after a short time, became a kind of center of attraction for young, promising specialists, where they were able to show their potential and gain experience, working in tandem with highly qualified experts from Ukraine, India, Russia, Suriname.

Recognizing its important role in the sustainable development of the energy industry of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Uzliti Engineering specialists actively cooperate with the world's leading companies in the field of design, project management and supply management in the oil and gas and energy sectors. Currently, the staff of Uzliti Engineering consists of more than 150 people, among them 39 foreign experts who on a regular basis share their experience and achievements with young and promising Uzbek specialists on the sites of a specially organized classroom.

Also, the innovation-engineering center Uzliti Engineering has an agreement on cooperation with the branch of the Gubkin University in Tashkent. The purpose of this agreement is to select young specialists through regular meetings with students. In 2018, the Center plans to attract 200 graduates for an internship, and after a successful graduation from the University and passing an internship, to take them to work.

To familiarize students with the activities of Uzliti Engineering, the company conducts presentations on the topic of promising projects in our Republic, as well as on the introduction of 3D modeling in the design.

Now the Innovation Engineering Center Uzliti Engineering is carrying out design work for several oil and gas facilities, starting from the oil and gas field development project to the development of working documentation for construction. In addition, a Department for Scientific and Technological Design was established on the territory of Uzliti Engineering, which produces design and technological documentation for the drilling of exploration and production wells, as well as the preparation of new promising projects involving the use of modern technological solutions in the project activities aimed at the reconstruction, modernization of systems production of oil and gas by the purpose of maximizing the efficient use of our country's geological reserves, exploitation and application of modern technologies of further exploration and development of fields.

The team of Uzliti Engineering designers builds their work in the paradigm of creating quality and competitive products. Unique licensed software, proven project management methods and an excellent track record ensure proper risk control and performance based on tight schedules. Combining the efforts of the best young and experienced specialists with unique design experience, Uzliti Engineering creates global ideas and solutions, which in the future are intended to transform the implementation of the construction of gas and oil fields development projects in a clear and uninterrupted process.

The main mission of the center is to increase the level of localization of design works and phased replacement of services of foreign engineering companies in the implementation of projects within the framework of the state development programs of the Republic of Uzbekistan, as well as the education of young and promising high-level specialists who have all the opportunities for professional growth, exchange of opinions with foreign experts, and also possibilities of designing with application of the software products, allowing to conduct process of designing in a mode in parallel about creation of elements and information processing of the project.

Licensed software and high technical equipment of the center at the level of international standards, allow young designers to maximize their abilities, which will uniquely find application in the ever changing market conditions and high-tech construction in general.

On cooperation, please contact:
Phone: +998 (95) 608-0292
Address: Uzbekistan, 100081, Tashkent, Nukus Street, 52
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