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Sales of Ravon Cars Start in Russia

The showroom of Ravon official dealer in Voronezh started to sell Ravon Matiz and Ravon Gentra cars. In fact, they are already well-known and well-established models of Uz-Daewoo: Matiz and Gentra, but under a new brand ‘Ravon’, local media reported.

Ravon is a new brand, which has replaced the Uz-Daewoo. According to the company, it is designed to emphasize the positive changes in a vehicle line and a network of customer service of Uz-Daewoo brand.

Ravon manufactures promise to update the vehicle line even more. Prices for these models have not been changed: Matiz is still estimated at least 314 thousand roubles, Gentra - 439 thousand roubles.

In 2016, Ravom promises to release upgraded versions of Matiz and Gentra, as well as three new models: the all-new Nexia (restyled Aveo, which will have a 6-speed automatic), A-Class Ravon R2 model (analogue of Spark) and model, which is average of B and C Classes, according to its characteristics - Ravon R4 (analogue of Cobalt).

In addition, Ravon intends to release new products in the segment of the C-Class (European ‘middle class’) and SUV (crossover). However, as officials of the Ravon Company said, these plans are more distant and it is early to talk about them.

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