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Fund to Support Small Businesses
Fund to Support Small Businesses

Uzbekistan has established a Guarantee Fund for Small Business Development.

Fund to Support Small Businesses 23-02-2017
Fund to Support Small Businesses 266
Coal Mines
Coal Mines

Uzbekistan intends to increase the volumes of coal mining by shaft method by 3.1 times in the next five years.

Coal Mines 23-02-2017
Coal Mines 170
Plans for the Future

It is intended to repair more than 5,400 kilometers of roads in Uzbekistan by the end of 2018. The parameters are defined in the Regional Roads Development Program for 2017-2018, as approved by the President of the country.

 Date Added: 23-02-2017
Number of views: 409
Nominees for Scouting?

Uzbekistan is considering an opportunity of foundation of a unified geological service by merging structural units of Navoi and Almalyk Mining and Smelting Plants.

 Date Added: 22-02-2017
Number of views: 487
United dy the idea

Japan seeks to secure balanced sustainable growth in the world economy by investing in the future.

 Date Added: 22-02-2017
Number of views: 484
Uzbekistan to issue new 10,000 soum banknotes

Uzbekistan will introduce new 10,000 soum banknote into circulation.

 Date Added: 22-02-2017
Number of views: 399
Guarantee of rich harvest

Fruits, vegetables and melons produced in Uzbekistan evoke a great deal of interest abroad with their excellent taste, high quality and nutritional value.

 Date Added: 21-02-2017
Number of views: 285
New combined cycle power plants of Talimarjan thermal power station generates 1.57bn KWH of electricity

Two new combined cycle power plants of Talimarjan thermal power station produced 1.57 billion KWH of electricity as of the beginning of February, Uzbekenergo said in a statement.

 Date Added: 21-02-2017
Number of views: 277
Microcredit project introduced in Tashkent

A presidential resolution approved steps to expand and streamline small and private business microcredit system.

 Date Added: 17-02-2017
Number of views: 751
Uzbekistan and FAO launch new joint projects

The Ministry of agriculture and water resources of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN (FAO) held workshops on the launch of joint projects.

 Date Added: 15-02-2017
Number of views: 731
Time Warner reports profit that exceeded expectations

Media company Time Warner has published results of activity in the fourth quarter. According to the report, due to box office hits such as the "Harry Potter" spinoff "Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them", a film based on the book by Joanne Kathleen Rowling, the company/'s profit exceeded expectations.

 Date Added: 09-02-2017
Number of views: 733
Over 4.2m families to receive loans to develop lemon, poultry production

Over 4.28 million families in Uzbekistan will receive loans to development of lemon and poultry production.

 Date Added: 08-02-2017
Number of views: 809
A New Bridge to Be Commissioned by This Spring Over Amu-Bukhara Canal to Connect Bukhara and Karshi

The new and modern bridge over the Amu-Bukhara canal instead of the collapsed will be constructed in a short time on the 184 kilometer of road of international importance A-380 Guzar-Bukhara-Nukus-Beyneu.

 Date Added: 03-02-2017
Number of views: 791
Fruitful Week

Domestic companies signed export contracts for fruit and vegetable products for $ 151.2 million at the international agricultural exhibition Green Week in Germany.

 Date Added: 02-02-2017
Number of views: 674
Ministry of economy: cotton fiber processing goes up 40%

According to the Ministry of economy of Uzbekistan, cotton fiber processing volume reached 40% in 2016, while in 1991 it was 7% only.

 Date Added: 02-02-2017
Number of views: 725
After 25-Year Break Tashkent-Dushanbe-Tashkent Flights Resume

Flights on the route Tashkent-Dushanbe-Tashkent will be carried out by Tajikistan’s Somon Air and Uzbekistan Airways Company twice a week, starting from 10 February.

 Date Added: 01-02-2017
Number of views: 646
Uzbekistan to Establish a New Bank

According to the Decree of the President of Uzbekistan Uzagroeksportbank (the Agricultural Export Bank of Uzbekistan) is established. The new bank will deal with the financing of investment projects for the development of production and export of agro-industrial products, mainly fruits and vegetables, as well as integrated credit and settlement service of organizations of agro-industrial sector...

 Date Added: 31-01-2017
Number of views: 642
Uzbek Government Continues the Policy of Attracting Foreign Investors in Joint-Stock Companies

The number of joint stock companies with state share in Uzbekistan, compared to 2015, decreased by almost two times. And this trend will be continued. President Shavkat Mirziyoyev by his decision has extended the terms of attracting foreign investors to joint-stock companies.

 Date Added: 31-01-2017
Number of views: 643
Ozbekiston Havo Yollari: reliable wings of independent country

A ceremonial event took place in Tashkent on 28 January on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the Ozbekiston Havo Yollari national airline.

 Date Added: 30-01-2017
Number of views: 620
Uzbekistan Airways to launch new flights

Uzbekistan Airways announced it planned to launch flights to Dushanbe (Tajikistan) and Lahore (Pakistan) in 2017, at a press conference ahead of the carrier’s 25thanniversary.

 Date Added: 28-01-2017
Number of views: 628