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Practical Solutions: Domestic PPS of JSC O’zelektroapparat-Electroshield Make Life Brighter Anywhere (+video)

Early in the summer, residents of the remote villages of Vachakh, Kundayjuvoz, Khushkhabar and Tangizarob of Sariosiyo district of Surkhandarya region could not listen to the radio, watch TV, and use electrical appliances. Due to the difficult accessibility of these settlements, they were not connected to the electricity grid. However, by today, everything has changed dramatically thanks to the attention and willful decision of President Shavkat Mirziyoyev and the manufacturer of electrical equipment JSC O’zelektroapparat-Electroshield.
The solution of this task was domestic photo power stations, which were delivered to residents of these highland villages with the help of helicopters of the Ministry of Defense.

At the same time today domestic photo power stations produced by JSC O’zelektroapparat-Electroshield can change the life for the better of a large number of people, because today the country arranged their mass production and they are available in the retail trade network, including in the company’s corporate store.

Conveniently, JSC O’zelektroapparat-Electroshield presents ready solutions and realizes all projects for the construction of photo power stations on a turn-key basis, starting from the filling with the customer of the questionnaire, the development of the project, the manufacture of equipment, its installation on the site, followed by warranty and service.

All this became possible due to the fact that for more than five years JSC O’zelektroapparat-Electroshield has been running the Alternative Energy Sources design department, which is engaged in the development and implementation of the mass production of photo power stations (PPS).

JSC O’zelektroapparat-Electroshield produces both domestic and industrial PPS.

Domestic PPS are divided into stationary and portable.

Portable PPS are produced by 8 and 18W, they are completed with 3-4 LED bulbs with extension cords and a multifunctional charger.
PPS 8 and PPS 18 are designed to connect DC consumers and can be used when lighting several rooms with LED bulbs and charging mobile phones, tablets, radios and other equipment. Portable PPS is used to solve the above tasks in rural areas and in areas with a lack of centralized power supply. Besides, portable PPS are irreplaceable in the hike and outings on nature.

Stationary PPS are those of power from 400W to 10kW. They already have an inverter built in and it allows connecting to the AC load - TV, computer, and other household appliances, depending on the power of PPS.

A distinctive feature of PPS produced by JSC O’zelektroapparat-Electroshield is that in one shell we combined: a battery charger, a pulse inverter and a network charger.

The battery charger monitors the correct charge of the batteries from the photo power modules, and the network charger - if necessary - recharges the batteries from the external network (for example, if the sun is absent for a long time). All these components - battery charger, impulse inverter and network charger are designed by the company’s designers.

In the production of PPS JSC O’zelektroapparat-Electroshield uses special gel batteries with the deep discharge function, the so-called ‘deep cycle’, which have the following advantages. They have a large charge-discharge cycle of these batteries, and hence a long service life of more than 10 years (in the buffer mode). It is important that it is not necessary to urgently recharge the battery after a deep discharge. These batteries will not cause the electrodes plates to fall in the case of a deep discharge without a rapid charge recovery, as is the case with conventional acid batteries. If the battery is idle without work, the energy loss of these batteries is significantly lower than that of acid batteries. The battery can work in any position, it can be turned over - the gel will not spread over the jar.

All these qualities make the gel battery indispensable for harsh operating conditions for the Of-Grig PPS, where reliability is required.

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