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The creation of "Toza Hudud" enterprises in the regions contributes to the improvement of the sanitary situation in the country's settlements. Please, see more details on our portal in the report of the "Ahborot" program from Namangan.
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Another gas well was commissioned in Andijan

The other day in the Bulakbashi district of the Andijan region another gas well was introduced in operation.

As a result of geological exploration carried out by specialists of the "Andijonneft" and "Kukon Parmalash Ishlari" joint stock societies of the "Uzneftgazkazibchikarish" joint-stock company, a natural gas field was discovered on the territory of the village of Uchtepa in the Bulakbashi district.

"Four wells have been built on this site," says M. Davlatov, chairman of the board of the Andijonneft joint-stock company. - Now 3 wells were commissioned, they are already producing gas. The necessary work is being carried out to commission another well. 

The extracted gas is supplied to consumers by the Andijan regional branch of the "Uztransgaz" joint-stock company.
To further identify hydrocarbon reserves in the region, geological exploration work continues.

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